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The main moto of this name is to provide a creative thought inside students, youth and coffee lovers. 18 to 25 years youth keep on sitting in a place and discuss vast knowledge topics about future with coffees and snacks, Klub F5 is a free space with high Wi-Fi and Fun atmosphere.


Each outlet will offer nothing but fresh Coffees, Sandwiches, Lemonades, Fruitilisers, Beverages and a variety of unique mocktails, all served with old-fashioned home-style care.

Different Variety's

A Different selection of menu and unique variety's of mock tails will be featured every three months and will also change our soda flavours to accompany our special mock tails

Youthful & Fresh Surroundings

We will imitate successful establishments, such as Jamaican sunrise and Lavazza coffee, which represt the majority of our core target market, between 18 to 35 years of age.Our Outlet will be decorated with fat free food setting, innovative stickers, such as bright counter and display menu on the wall.

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  • KLUB F5 (SARASCHANDRIKAA GROUP) 60-5-10, Siddarth Nagar
    2nd Lane, Moghalrajpuram Vijayawada 520010.
  • Ph: +91866- 2473666, 6695666
    Mobile : +91 9963986999, 9949406669
  • info@klubf5.com
  • Our Klub F5 is open every day from 10:00 to 23:00.
Working Hours

Our Klub-f5 is open everyday from 10:00 A.M to 23:00 P.M

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